Cloud Retail tag

This article is for developers who want to move their Cloud Retail tag off of the client and into a server container. Refer to the Google Cloud documentation for the Cloud Retail web container tag.

Before you begin

This guide assumes that you have done the following:

Set up the Cloud Retail tag

  1. Open Google Tag Manager

  2. In your server container, open the Tags menu and create a New tag.

  3. In Tag Configuration, select the Cloud Retail tag.

  4. Set up the Cloud Retail tag:

    • Under API Key, enter a valid Cloud Retail API key that supports the projects.locations.catalogs.userEvents.collect method.
    • Under Project Number, enter the Google Cloud Project number for your Cloud Retail project.
    • Under Fields to Overwrite, set up a visitor ID:
      • Field Selector: visitorId
      • Field Value: Enter a variable that resolves into a unique visitor ID from a GA4 event, for example, the client ID.
    • Optional: To measure search events:
      • Field Selector: searchQuery
      • Field Value: Enter a variable that extracts the search query. The search event is constructed by combining the search event query with the impressions for the query, which are sent in view_item_list.
  5. In Triggering, select when the tag should trigger. Refer to the Google Cloud documentation for mappings between Google Analytics 4 trigger events and Cloud Retail events.

  6. Name and Save your tag.