You can use promotions to showcase special offers for products you sell on Google. Promotions display across different Google properties, including Google Search, Shopping, and Chrome. When you add promotions to your products, shoppers see a special offer link, for example 15% off or Free shipping. Offer links can increase the appeal of your products, and encourage shoppers to make a purchase.

For more information, see Promotion basics.

Get started

Google needs you to provide specific information about your business and products before your promotions display. You must meet the following criteria to use promotions:

Check the Google Merchant Center UI to see if you’re already enrolled in the Promotions program. If you’re not enrolled, complete the request form. The promotions team will let you know when you’re ready to start implementation.

For more information, see Participation criteria and policies.

Modify promotions

You can use promotions.create to create or update a promotion. promotions.create takes a promotions resource and returns the new or updated promotion if successful. The entire promotions resource is overwritten by this request, so you need to include the full promotions details to avoid losing information.

Google reviews and approves your promotions before distributing them. See Promotion approval process for more information.


View promotions

You can use promotions.get to view an existing promotion. get is read-only, and requires your merchantId and the ID of the promotion. The get method returns the corresponding promotions resource.


End a promotion

You can end a promotion by using promotions.create to update the promotion's timePeriod to a time that has already passed.