The Reports service offers data views you can use to learn about your products, their performance, and their competitive environment on Google.

You can use the Reports service to do the following:

This reporting service is only available for standalone accounts. You can't retrieve reports for advanced accounts.

View the list of Available fields you can select in a query.

Get started

The Reports service uses Merchant Center Query Language.

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See Paging your data for details on paging.


You can read our other reporting guides for details and examples of each report type.

You can only query one view per request.

Here are the different views you can query with the Reports service:

Your products

You can query the following views to learn about your products:

Merchant performance


MerchantPerformanceView to retrieve information about the performance of your products.

You need the Reporting manager role to retrieve this report. See Measure performance to learn how to set up the reporting manager role for an account.

See Segmentation for details on segmentation in this report.



ProductView to filter your products by specific fields, like item_issues.

Price insights


PriceInsightsProductView to view suggested sale prices for your products.

Market insights

Your account must meet minimum eligibility requirements, and you must accept the Market Insights Terms of Service before you can access this report. See the Market Insights policy for more information.

You can query the following views to learn about the market your products are competing in:

Best sellers

There are two views you can query to learn about the most popular brands and products used in Shopping ads and free listings, as well as whether or not you currently carry them in your product feed.

Use BestSellersProductClusterView to view the best-selling products on Google.

Use BestSellersBrandView to view the best-selling brands on Google.

Price Competitiveness


PriceCompetitivenessProductView to learn how other retailers are pricing the same products that you sell.