Date ranges

The Merchant Center Query Language lets you specify a date range using a custom or relative date range. All requests for metrics must include a condition for in theWHERE clause to indicate the time period from which you want to retrieve your performance data.

Custom date range

You can specify dates in ISO 8601(YYYY-MM-DD) format: BETWEEN '2021-01-01' AND '2021-01-31'

OR: >= '2021-01-01' AND <= '2021-01-31'

You can define date strings with either single quotes (') or double quotes ("). However, you must be consistent; for example: "2021-01-01' is not a valid date string.

Relative date range

In addition to custom date ranges, you can specify a relative date range such as LAST_30_DAYS or THIS_MONTH by using DURING instead of BETWEEN and AND:


Check out the Merchant Center Query Language grammar for the list of available relative date ranges.