Understand the market

You can use the Market Insights reports to view retail data from Google that can help you understand the current market. This data includes best-selling products and brands, and competitive price points for your industry.

Your account must meet minimum eligibility requirements, and you must accept the Market Insights Terms of Service before you can access this report. See the Market Insights policy for more information.

Identify best sellers

You can use the best sellers reports to see the current best-selling products and brands on Google, and whether or not you currently carry them in your product feed.

This popularity data is grouped by Google product category and country to help you decide which new products and brands to stock. It can help you pinpoint seasonal trends with the use of historical data, and identify the products and brands that would benefit from increased budgets or bids.

Use the following guides to access best sellers reports with the Content API for Shopping:

Price competitively

You can use the price competitiveness report to see how other retailers are pricing the same products that you sell.

See Price products competitively for details on retrieving price competitiveness data with the Content API for Shopping.

To view suggestions for how to price your own products based on their predicted performance, see Improve pricing.