Control access to your account

A user is someone who has access to your merchant account. A single user can be added to a maximum of 100 Merchant Center accounts.

Account admins can specify any of the following access levels to each user:

  • Super admin: People with super admin access to Business Manager can't be removed from Merchant Center. For more information about super admin access, see Manage your business as a super admin.

  • Admin: Admins are people with beyond standard access. Admins may add, remove, or edit people. Only admins can add and remove apps and stores to Merchant Center.

  • Standard: People with standard access can sign in to Merchant Center and access everything but they won't be able to manage others or add and remove apps and stores.

  • Email-only access: No account access, but will receive emails based on preferences.

  • Reporting Manager: People with the reporting manager access level have permissions to view and edit all reports and dashboards within the account.