Project roles and permissions

A table listing every Google Cloud Console role mentioned in the Maps documentation, along with their mentioned permissions and abilities.

An empty cell indicates that a specific user role is not granted that cell's corresponding permission. Any user can hold multiple Cloud Console roles in a given project. Therefore, as long as a user has a role that explicitly grants permissions to do something, another role which they also hold may not specifically bar them from doing that thing.

Read more information on Cloud Console roles.

Permissions Project Owner Project Editor Tech Support Editor Tech Support Viewer Billing Admin
Create or update billing cases
View billing cases
Create or update technical cases
View technical cases
Create or manage map IDs
View and download business insights

The Tech Support Editor and Tech Support Viewer roles currently have access to billing cases, but this will be changing in the future. To ensure proper billing case permissions without interruption, use the Project Editor role.

Billing Admins who need to create a support case can use this workaround.