Class List

Class List
The classes and protocols in the Google Maps Platform Last Mile Fleet Solution for iOS:
<GMTDAuthorization>Protocol used to provide authorization tokens for gRPC calls
GMTDAuthorizationContextAn immutable object representing the context needed to fetch an auth token
GMTDCreateDeliveryTaskRequestAn immutable object representing a request to create a delivery task
GMTDDeliveryDriverAPIA class that provides access to all the core components and serves as the entry point for the Delivery vertical
GMTDDeliveryTaskAn immutable object that represents a unit of work completed at a vehicle stop
GMTDDeliveryTaskManagerObject that manages task creation and updates
GMTDDeliveryVehicleAn immutable object representing a delivery vehicle
GMTDDeliveryVehicleManagerClass used to create and retrieve delivery vehicles from Fleet Engine
GMTDDeliveryVehicleReporterObject for sending information to the Fleet Engine backend
GMTDDriverAPIAn abstract superclass for the Driver SDK API classes
GMTDDriverContextAn object containing the dependencies needed to construct a GMTDDriverApi instance
GMTDUpdateDeliveryTaskRequestAn immutable object representing a request to update a delivery task
GMTDVehicleReporterObject for sending information to the Fleet Engine backend
<GMTDVehicleReporterListener>Protocol for responding to periodic vehicle updates sent by GMTDVehicleReporter
GMTDVehicleStopAn object representing a vehicle stop for deliveries
GMTDVehicleUpdateObject representing a vehicle update
GMTSImmutableDataA base class of immutable data, subclass must implement the isEqual: and hash of the NSObject protocol
GMTSLatLngObject representing the latitude and longitude
GMTSRequestRequest object that is an abstract class
GMTSRequestHeaderA request header object contains common fields for a request
GMTSRequestOptionsAn object for defining the request options
<GMTSRequestOptionsSupport>Extension for support of set request options
GMTSTaskAn immutable object representing a unit of work that is completed at a vehicle stop
GMTSTaskInfoAn immutable object representing a task that will be completed at a vehicle stop