Work with legacy zoom levels

Add element styles at different zoom levels when creating map styles with the style editor in Google Cloud Console. For example, you can customize the color of water from pink at zoom level 0 to purple at zoom level 10, and associate other customizations with the level of detail you see at the specified zoom.

When you customize a given element, the style editor overrides any inherited styles. To add different customizations at different zoom levels, check the Customize across zooms checkbox on the Stylers pane, and then check the Add stop: z checkbox. A blue dot displays above the slider, indicating a zoom level with customizations.

A screenshot of the three element editor panes in the Map Style editor. The Highway feature type is selected, as is the Stroke element type. The Customize across zooms box is checked, and the zoom slider shows two blue dots, indicating two customized zoom levels.

Any customizations you make at a zoom level updates the customizations at that zoom level and further out. For example, customizations at zoom level 10 affect all customizations at zoom levels 10, 11, 12 and higher. Zoom customizations override any inherited styles, and custom styles for the feature.

To remove changes from a particular zoom level, clear the Add stop: z checkbox (the blue dot turns gray). After clearing the checkbox, the zoom level returns to its inherited style.

To make style customizations at different zoom levels:

  1. Open the style editor by going to the Map Styles page in the Cloud Console, and either creating a map style or updating an existing map style.
  2. Select a feature to open up the Element type submenu, and select an element to customize.
  3. Check the Customize across zooms checkbox to make customizations at the current zoom level appear in the style editor. Once you check the Customize across zooms checkbox, you should see:
    • An Add stop: z checkbox that indicates your current zoom level and attaches customizations to the indicated zoom level.
    • A zoom slider bar to modify and select your zoom level.
  4. To save your changes, select Save. To make your changes public on the map IDs associated with your map style, select Publish.