Versioning Policy

The Maps SDK for Unity team regularly updates the SDK with new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

The following summarizes the versioning and release policy for the SDK:

  • The SDK will not backport new features and bug fixes to previous releases. A “roll forward” policy will be maintained for new features and bug fixes.
  • The SDK will maintain at-release-build-compatibility with one recent Unity release, and up to three previous LTS Unity releases. Individual releases will be designated with a version string indicating compatible Unity version and SDK release version. For example, the following version string indicates a build compatible with Unity2018.4, and an SDK version number of 1.0.1066:


  • Stable SDK releases will be released with an approximately monthly cadence.

  • Unstable daily builds of the SDK will be released on a best effort basis.

  • Client library feature deprecations will follow a 12-month deprecation cycle with features documented as deprecated and marked obsolete in the SDK code at least 12 months prior to removal from the SDK. Deprecated features will continue to work in prior SDK releases as long as they do not rely on deprecated backend functionality.

  • Occasionally, backend feature support deprecations may be necessary. Such backend changes will follow a 12-month published deprecation cycle. After the deprecation period, the backend server will no longer honor requests from incompatible SDK versions, and will return a failure error code.