Maps SDK for Unity Error Codes

This page describes the error and warning messages that can be printed by the SDK to the Unity console.

Error Code Message Description
NoBaseMapShaderError Unable to find base map shader. Failed to load the default shader for basemap. Please check if your project includes the default basemap shader located at Assets/GoogleMaps/Resources/BaseMapColor.shader.
AndroidCertificateFingerprintError Couldn't get certificate fingerprint. Failed to setup network connections on the Android device. Please check the certificates on the device.
UnknownObjectDestructionError Ignoring DidDestroy() for non Maps Unity SDK generated GameObject. A GameObject not managed by the Maps Unity SDK was passed to GameObjectManager.DidDestroy(), which is an invalid operation. DidDestroy() should only be passed GameObjects generated by the Maps Unity SDK.
DeviceCountryProviderError No CountryProvider component found. Failed to determine device country. Check to see if DeviceCountryProvider.cs is present in your project (located at Assets/GoogleMaps/Scripts/DeviceCountryProvider.cs).
DeviceCountryError Couldn't get device country. Failed to determine device country on the device. Please check the locale configuration on the device.
InvalidAttributionStateError Attribution SDK GameObject GOOGLE_ATTRIBUTION_DO_NOT_DELETE was in an invalid state. Regenerating. Components attached to the attribution SDK GameObject or its parent were modified outside of the SDK. If you are using methods such as FindObjectsOfType, please ensure that you are not mistakenly retrieving and modifying them.