Install the Maps SDK for Unity

Before you can begin working with Google Maps Platform gaming services, you must get Unity and install the Maps SDK for Unity.

Step 1: Get Unity

To create a Google Maps Platform gaming services app, you need a copy of Unity, version 2018.4 or later.

Step 2: Install the SDK

The Maps SDK for Unity is distributed as a Unity Package (GoogleMaps.unitypackage) that you can import into a new or existing Unity Project.

To install or update the SDK

Follow this procedure to get a copy of the Maps SDK for Unity, and then integrate it into Unity.

1. Get the Maps SDK for Unity 2019 here, and the Maps SDK for Unity 2018 here. 1. Unzip the SDK archive file. The zip file contains a notice text file, and the Google Maps Unity package file.
1. In Unity, open the Assets menu, and then choose Import Package > Custom Package.... 1. In the file picker dialog that appears, navigate to the file GoogleMaps.unitypackage, select it, and then click Open. The Import Unity Package dialog appears, showing all of the Google Maps assets that the package contains—and they all appear selected.
1. In the Import Unity Package dialog, click Import.

A GoogleMaps folder appears in your Project pane. It contains a set of assets grouped into Editor, Examples, Materials, Plugins, and Scripts.

You're done!

Usage Examples

The Maps SDK for Unity ships with a collection of example Unity scenes. Each one demonstrates a feature of the SDK. Look for them in the Unity Project pane, under GoogleMaps/Examples.