Reducing latency

The key to reducing latency in your IMA-enabled app is to do as much IMA-related setup as early as possible. Do the following in your app before playing ads:

  • Define a content playhead tracker.
  • Create an IMAAdsLoader. If you have an existing IMAAdsLoader instance, re-use it to reduce latency and ensure that features like frequency capping work properly.
  • Create an IMAAdDisplayContainer.
  • Create the IMAAdsRequest.
  • Request ads.
  • Instantiate an IMAAdsManager instance.
  • Create your IMAAdsRenderingSettings.

These steps initialize the IMA SDK, request ads, and parse the ad response—all before the user even clicks play on your video. When you're ready to play the ads, initialize the IMAAdsManager via IMAAdsManager:initializeWithAdsRenderingSettings and call start.

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