Hotel Ads Schemas

Before submitting your feeds to Google, you can validate them with published schemas.

The following table lists the available schemas that you can use to validate your feeds against:

Schema Download Applicable pricing delivery modes Schema Location
Hotel List All
Landing pages All
Transaction (Property Data) ARI
Transaction (Property Data) Response ARI
OTA_HotelRateAmountNotifRQ ARI
OTA_HotelRateAmountNotifRS ARI
OTA_HotelAvailNotifRQ ARI
OTA_HotelAvailNotifRS ARI
OTA_HotelInvCountNotifRQ ARI
OTA_HotelInvCountNotifRS ARI
TaxFeeInfo ARI
TaxFeeInfoResponse ARI
Promotions ARI
PromotionsResponse ARI
RateModifications ARI
RateModificationsResponse ARI
Transaction Pull, Changed Pricing
Rate rules Pull, Changed Pricing
Hint Response Changed Pricing
Query (from Google to partners) Pull, Changed Pricing, Live Pricing Query

How to validate files

To validate your files with these schemas, you can use a third-party XML tool such as xmllint.

The syntax for using xmllint to validate a schema is as follows:

xmllint --schema schema_location file_to_validate

The following example validates the mypriceupdates.xml file against the Transaction message schema:

xmllint --schema mypriceupdates.xml

The following example validates the myfeed.xml file against the Hotel List Feed schema and shows errors if they exist:

xmllint --noout --schema myfeed.xml