Using Tracking

Optionally, you can configure your landing page URLs to use dynamic tracking. This lets you track incoming website traffic from Hotel campaigns in Google Ads. Once you've set this up, users who click your ad will be redirected to an expanded link that includes tracking information.

For example, to redirect users through a third-party tracker, you can add a URL segment to your landing page URL:


To add this URL segment or any other tracking capabilities in your landing page URLs, we recommend using tracking templates and final URL suffixes in your Google Ads account. Also, you can add ValueTrack parameters and custom parameters to your tracking templates or final URL suffixes.

To use Google Ads to add dynamic tracking to a landing page URL, follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the URL, including tracking information, in the <URL> element for the landing page. For example:

  2. Specify the non-tracking portion of the URL using the <LPURL> element. For example:


    Since <LPURL> is the final landing page, it does not need to be escaped anymore, but a correct ValueTrack configuration in Google Ads will escape it automatically.

  3. Specify the tracking portions of the URL using the tracking template and final URL suffix in your Google Ads account. For details and additional examples, see Set up dynamic tracking for a Hotel campaign.