The AdWords API is no longer supported. Use the Google Ads API instead.

type KeywordEstimateRequest (v201809)

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Represents a keyword to be estimated.



EstimateRequest (inherited)



Indicates that this instance is a subtype of EstimateRequest. Although this field is returned in the response, it is ignored on input and cannot be selected. Specify xsi:type instead.




The Keyword to estimate. The keyword text is required regardless of whether the keyword ID is included. The keyword ID is optional and has the following characteristics:

  • When omitted, the ID indicates a new keyword to be estimated.
  • When present with a campaign and ad group also specified, the ID should be for an existing keyword in the ad group. This can improve the estimates since historical performance is known.
  • When present without a campaign and ad group specified, the ID is ignored.

This field is required and should not be null.



The max CPC bid for this keyword. In general, the maxCpc of a KeywordEstimateRequest is optional, since there is usually another maxCpc that can be used, such as the maxCpc on an existing keyword, an existing or overriding maxCpc of containing AdGroupEstimateRequest. However, if there is no backup value of maxCpc anywhere along the line, you must provide a value for maxCpc in KeywordEstimateRequest. This would happen, for example, if the KeywordEstimateRequest is for a new keyword.



Whether the keyword is negative or not. The default value is false. If negative, no current ad group ads will appear for searches containing this keyword.

The estimate for negative keywords should reflect no traffic and zero CPC, but including a negative keyword will affect the other estimates in the request.