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enum CampaignCriterionError.Reason (v201809)

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The reasons for the target error.

Enumeration Description
CONCRETE_TYPE_REQUIRED Concrete type of criterion (keyword v.s. placement) is required for ADD and SET operations.
CANNOT_EXCLUDE_CRITERIA_TYPE Criteria type can not be excluded for the campaign by the customer. like AOL account type cannot target site type criteria
CANNOT_SET_STATUS_FOR_CRITERIA_TYPE Cannot set the campaign criterion status for this criteria type.
CANNOT_SET_STATUS_FOR_EXCLUDED_CRITERIA Cannot set the campaign criterion status for an excluded criteria.
CANNOT_TARGET_AND_EXCLUDE Cannot target and exclude the same criterion.
TOO_MANY_OPERATIONS The #mutate operation contained too many operations.
OPERATOR_NOT_SUPPORTED_FOR_CRITERION_TYPE This operator cannot be applied to a criterion of this type.
SHOPPING_CAMPAIGN_SALES_COUNTRY_NOT_SUPPORTED_FOR_SALES_CHANNEL The Shopping campaign sales country is not supported for ProductSalesChannel targeting.
CANNOT_ADD_EXISTING_FIELD The existing field can't be updated with ADD operation. It can be updated with SET operation only.