enum Criterion.Type (v201809)

The types of criteria.

Enumeration Description
CONTENT_LABEL Content label for exclusion.
KEYWORD Keyword. e.g. 'mars cruise'
PLACEMENT Placement. aka Website. e.g. 'www.flowers4sale.com'
VERTICAL Vertical, e.g. 'category::Animals>Pets' This is for vertical targeting on the content network.
USER_LIST User lists, are links to sets of users defined by the advertiser.
USER_INTEREST User interests, categories of interests the user is interested in.
MOBILE_APPLICATION Mobile applications to target.
MOBILE_APP_CATEGORY Mobile application categories to target.
PRODUCT_PARTITION Product partition (product group) in a shopping campaign.
IP_BLOCK IP addresses to exclude.
WEBPAGE Webpages of an advertiser's website to target.
LANGUAGE Languages to target.
LOCATION Geographic regions to target.
AGE_RANGE Age Range to exclude.
CARRIER Mobile carriers to target.
OPERATING_SYSTEM_VERSION Mobile operating system versions to target.
MOBILE_DEVICE Mobile devices to target.
GENDER Gender to exclude.
PARENT Parent to target and exclude.
PROXIMITY Proximity (area within a radius) to target.
PLATFORM Platforms to target.
PREFERRED_CONTENT Representing preferred content bid modifier.
AD_SCHEDULE AdSchedule or specific days and time intervals to target.
LOCATION_GROUPS Targeting based on location groups.
PRODUCT_SCOPE Scope of products. Contains a list of product dimensions, all of which a product has to match to be included in the campaign.
CUSTOM_AFFINITY Custom Affinity, a criterion used for custom audience targeting.
CUSTOM_INTENT Custom Intent, a criterion used for custom audience targeting.
YOUTUBE_VIDEO YouTube video to target.
YOUTUBE_CHANNEL YouTube channel to target.
APP_PAYMENT_MODEL Enables advertisers to target paid apps.
INCOME_RANGE Income range to target and exclude.
INTERACTION_TYPE Interaction type to bid modify.