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enum BudgetError.Reason (v201809)

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The reasons for the budget error.

Enumeration Description
BUDGET_REMOVED The requested budget no longer exists.
BUDGET_ERROR Default budget error.
BUDGET_IN_USE The budget is associated with at least one campaign, and so the budget cannot be removed.
BUDGET_PERIOD_NOT_AVAILABLE Customer is not whitelisted for this budget period.
CANNOT_EDIT_SHARED_BUDGET Customer cannot use CampaignService to edit a shared budget.
CANNOT_MODIFY_FIELD_OF_IMPLICITLY_SHARED_BUDGET This field is not mutable on implicitly shared budgets
CANNOT_UPDATE_BUDGET_TO_IMPLICITLY_SHARED Cannot change explicitly shared budgets back to implicitly shared ones.
CANNOT_UPDATE_BUDGET_TO_EXPLICITLY_SHARED_WITHOUT_NAME An implicit budget without a name cannot be changed to explicitly shared budget.
CANNOT_UPDATE_BUDGET_TO_EXPLICITLY_SHARED Cannot change an implicitly shared budget to an explicitly shared one.
CANNOT_USE_IMPLICITLY_SHARED_BUDGET_WITH_MULTIPLE_CAMPAIGNS Only explicitly shared budgets can be used with multiple campaigns.
DUPLICATE_NAME A budget with this name already exists.
MONEY_AMOUNT_IN_WRONG_CURRENCY A money amount was not in the expected currency.
MONEY_AMOUNT_LESS_THAN_CURRENCY_MINIMUM_CPC A money amount was less than the minimum CPC for currency.
MONEY_AMOUNT_TOO_LARGE A money amount was greater than the maximum allowed.
NEGATIVE_MONEY_AMOUNT A money amount was negative.
NON_MULTIPLE_OF_MINIMUM_CURRENCY_UNIT A money amount was not a multiple of a minimum unit.