Collect timesheets from employees

Create a hands-free employee pay management system. Lets managers approve/disapprove employees' weekly timesheets & automatically notify them of this status.

Last updated: August, 2019

Quickly create a hands-free employee pay management system. Start with collecting employees' timesheets in a Google Form, then use Apps Script to create a spreadsheet to easily view, compile, and manage their data. After everybody submits their responses, calculate their pay, approve or disapprove their pay, and auto-send emails notifying them of their pay status.


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Set-Up Instructions

  1. Create a copy of the sample Timesheets Responses Google Sheet.
  2. Inside of this sheet, you will see a new Timesheets menu. Click it and select Form Setup.
  3. A dialog box will appear and tell you that the script requires authorization. Read the authorization notice and continue.
  4. Once Form Setup finishes running, you will see a new Form in your Google Drive entitled "Employee Weekly Timesheets." You can now send this Form out to your employees & have them fill in their information accordingly. You will see any new Form responses fill into new rows of your Sheet.
  5. Once you've received responses, go back to the Timesheets menu and select Column Setup.
  6. You will now see columns for weekly pay values, approval status, and notified status.
  7. You will notice that the WEEKLY PAY column is full of values - these were calculated upon setup, so the work is taken care of for you.
  8. Use the drop down values of the APPROVAL column to either approve or disapprove each employee’s weekly pay.
  9. Click on Timesheets > Notify Employees in order to auto-send emails to every employee notifying them of their approval status. You will see the values in the NOTIFIED column change.


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