Make an agenda for meetings

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Coding level: Beginner
Duration: 15 minutes
Project type: Automation with an event-driven trigger

About this solution

Automatically create agenda documents in Google Docs and attach them to your Google Calendar meetings.

Screenshot of agenda added to Calendar event

How it works

The script creates a document template for an agenda. When you update your calendar, the script checks to see if any events you own include "#agenda" in the description. If the tag is present, the script makes a copy of the template, adds it to the calendar event, and shares it with the event attendees.

Apps Script services

This solution uses the following services:

  • Drive Service: Checks to see if the template document exists and if it doesn't, creates a new folder for the template document. Creates a copy of the template document for each new agenda.
  • Document Service: Creates the agenda template.
  • Calendar Service: Checks for events with the "#agenda" tag and updates the event description with a link to the agenda doc.
  • Base Service: Uses the Session class to get the user's email. This helps build the trigger for the current user.
  • Script Service: Creates a trigger that fires whenever there's a change to the user's calendar.

Before you begin

To use this sample, you need the following prerequisites:

  • A Google Account (Google Workspace accounts might require administrator approval)
  • A web browser with access to the internet

Try it

Step 1: Make a copy of the sample script

  1. Click the button below to open the sample Make an agenda for meetings Apps Script project.
    Open the project
  2. At the left, click Overview .
  3. At the top-right, click Make a copy The icon for making a copy.
  4. In the function dropdown, select setUp.
  5. Click Run.
  6. When prompted, authorize the script.

Step 2: Create an agenda

  1. Open Google Calendar.
  2. Create a new event or edit an existing one.
  3. In the description, add #agenda and save the event.
  4. Check your email for an email notification that a document has been shared with you, or refresh Calendar and click on the event again to see the link to the agenda document.


You can edit the sample as much as you'd like to fit your needs. Below are a few optional changes you can make.

Update agenda document permissions for attendees

The script gives attendees permission to edit. If you want to limit the permissions to view only, replace the addEditor method with the addViewer method in the following part of the code:

     for (let i in event.getGuestList()) {
       let guest = event.getGuestList()[i];


Edit the agenda document template

To update the agenda document template, take the following steps:

  1. After you create your first agenda in a calendar event, open Google Drive.
  2. Open the folder called Agenda Maker - App.
  3. Open the Agenda TEMPLATE## document and make your edits.


This sample was created by Jeremy Glassenberg, Product Management and Platform Strategy Consultant. Find Jeremy on Twitter @jglassenberg.

This sample is maintained by Google with the help of Google Developer Experts.