Launch checklist

Once you've successfully built and tested your Google Wallet API integration, it's time to go live! The following is a launch checklist you may use to help ensure you have completed all the necessary steps to start issuing passes to your users.

1. Complete all steps detailed in the Onboarding Guide

Review and ensure you have completed all of the steps in the Google Wallet API Onboarding Guide, including the following:

  • Create a Google Wallet API Issuer account.
  • Generate and register your authentication credentials.

2. Build at least one pass

Before you can request publishing access to go live, you must build at least one pass, including the following:

  • Create at least one Passes Class.
  • Create at least one Passes Object that references a Passes Class associated with the same Issuer account.

3. Thoroughly test your integration

It is critical that you test all aspects and functionality of your Google Wallet API integration to ensure the best experience for your users. Testing may include the following:

  • Complete all of the tests described in the Pre-launch Testing guide.
  • Test all functionality and features specific to your individual use case. This may include testing things such as integrations with physical devices like QR code scanners, or existing systems like point of sale or inventory systems.
  • Add test users to your Issuer account and issue them passes to ensure your 'Add to Google Wallet' flow works as expected.
  • Verify that all 'Add to Google Wallet' buttons and links issue passes as expected across all surfaces, such as Android apps, emails, SMS, and websites.

4. Request publishing access

After you have completed all development and testing, you are ready to request publishing access.

The Google Wallet team will review and test your integration, and either notify you that access has been granted, or detail any issues that must be addressed before access can be granted.

5. Go live!

Once you have been granted publishing access, you're ready to issue passes for your users to save to Google Wallet.

The `[TEST ONLY]` annotation will be removed from all passes associated with your Issuer account, and any new Passes Classes and Passes Objects you create will be live and ready to use to issue passes to your users.