Getting started with the Places SDK for Work

For customers with a previous Google Maps APIs for Work or Google Maps API for Business license, the Places API is purchased as part of the Places SDK for Work. This section of the documentation describes the usage limits, setup, and reporting for that API.

This page is only for customers with a previous Maps APIs for Work or Maps API for Business license. This page is not applicable to customers with the new Google Maps Platform Premium Plan, which became available in January 2016.


Welcome to the Places SDK for Work.

The Places API gives you access to detailed information about places across a wide range of categories. These places include businesses and points of interest, updated frequently through owner-verified listings and user-moderated contributions. For more about the features of the Places API, see the developer documentation.

This page provides information about getting started and contains links to a number of important resources.


The Places SDK for Work requires an API key you can set up in the Google Cloud Console. It does not accept a client ID for authorization.

See Authentication and Authorization for information about authorization for the Places SDK for Work.

Usage limits

Places SDK for Work limits are listed in the Quotas section of the API, viewable in the Cloud Console.

Getting help

Google Maps APIs for Work customers have access to telephone and email support, as well as to the Cloud Console. Contact information is available on the Support and Resources page.