A set of values that specify the navigation action to take for the current step (e.g., turn left, merge, straight, etc.).

TURN_SLIGHT_LEFT Turn slightly to the left.
TURN_SHARP_LEFT Turn sharply to the left.
UTURN_LEFT Make a left u-turn.
TURN_LEFT Turn left.
TURN_SLIGHT_RIGHT Turn slightly to the right.
TURN_SHARP_RIGHT Turn sharply to the right.
UTURN_RIGHT Make a right u-turn.
TURN_RIGHT Turn right.
STRAIGHT Go straight.
RAMP_LEFT Take the left ramp.
RAMP_RIGHT Take the right ramp.
MERGE Merge into traffic.
FORK_LEFT Take the left fork.
FORK_RIGHT Take the right fork.
FERRY Take the ferry.
FERRY_TRAIN Take the train leading onto the ferry.
ROUNDABOUT_LEFT Turn left at the roundabout.
ROUNDABOUT_RIGHT Turn right at the roundabout.