Places Web Service Frequently Asked Questions

This document contains answers to frequently asked questions about the Places API. If you are unable to find the answer to your question here, you may find some of the following pages helpful.

The Places API also has a vibrant developer community. If you have questions about your code, we recommend that you post your question to the community. More information about asking questions can be found in the Support page.

Searching for places

Why are some places not returned when I filter by type?

It's possible that the place you are looking for has not yet been categorized. All places are categorized as the generic type "establishment" until Google has enough data about a place to categorize it as one of the supported place types.

As a workaround you can pass the place type to the keyword parameter. The keyword parameter is matched to: name, type, address, and customer reviews.

If you would like to add the category type to a place listing yourself, submit a place edit. Once the edit has been approved and published it will appear using the correct type filtering.

Why are some nearby places not returned?

By default, the Places API sorts results by prominence within the supplied radius. A Nearby Search request can return up to 60 results, split across three pages. If a place ranks 22nd in prominence, it will appear on the second page of results which you can access through paging. If a place ranks greater than 60th in prominence it will not be included in the search result, even if it is closer to the center of your search.

You can sort your results by distance instead of prominence by setting the rankby parameter in your query to distance and omitting the radius parameter. Relevance will be ignored and places will be returned in order of distance from location.

If you are filtering your request by type, some results may be filtered out of the response. For more information, see the FAQ entry: Why are some places not returned when I filter by type?.

Why do I receive at most two results when filtering by some types?

The Places API is designed to return a list of nearby establishments (anything from the first table in the supported place types) and up to two location (anything from the second table of supported place types) results to to help identify the area you are performing a Nearby Search request for.

Filtering your Nearby Search request by a location type, like locality or political, will filter out the establishment results.

Place data

How can I add or edit places?

If you are the owner of a business, you can add, verify and manage your business listings on Google Maps using Business Profile.

If you do not own the place, you can still suggest changes.


Why do I keep receiving "status": "REQUEST_DENIED"?

The "status": "REQUEST_DENIED" is returned by the Places API when:

  • You have not activated the Places API in the Google Cloud Console.
  • The key parameter is missing from your request.
  • The key parameter does not match the your API key in the Google Cloud Console.
  • Your API key has not been correctly set up in the Google Cloud Console:
    • If you are using a browser-restricted API key, check that your allowed referer(s) are correct.
    • If you are using a server-restricted API key, check that your allowed IP(s) are correct.
    • API keys with Android or iOS restrictions are not supported. Please use a generic (unrestricted) API key, or a key with browser or server restrictions.
  • The request was not sent as an HTTPS request, HTTPS is required for all Places API requests.
  • The incorrect HTTP method was used to send the request:
    • All requests must be sent as a GET request except for [Place Add][place-add].
    • All [Place Add][place-add] requests must be sent as a POST request.