Release Notes

Version 3 of the Travel Partner API gives you programmatic access to:

  • Management of account links between Hotel Center and Google Ads
  • Management of selected hotel settings
  • Management of brands and icons (closed beta)
  • Property performance data via the Property Performance Report Views Service
  • Hotel data via the Hotel Views Service
  • Participation report data via the Participation Report Views Service
  • Price accuracy data via the Price Accuracy Views Service
  • Price coverage data via the Price Coverage Views Service
  • Itinerary and pricing data via the Price Views Service
  • Management of commissions reconciliation reports via the Reconciliation Reports Service (commission pay-per-stay partners only)


The Travel Partner API endpoints are accessible through REST-ful syntax from HTTPS calls. The base URL for all requests is:

Service endpoints
Account Links

Manages links between a Google Ads account and a Hotel Center account.

POST /v3/accounts/account id/accountLinks
DELETE /v3/accounts/account id/accountLinks/account link id
GET /v3/accounts/account id/accountLinks/account link id
GET /v3/accounts/account id/accountLinks
PATCH /v3/accounts/account id/accountLinks/account link id


Modify Brand configuration. (closed beta)

POST /v3/accounts/account id/brands
GET /v3/accounts/account id/brands
PATCH /v3/accounts/account id/brands/brand id


Modify selected hotel settings.

POST /v3/accounts/account id/hotels:setLiveOnGoogle

Hotel Views

Returns the list of hotel views or a summary.

GET /v3/accounts/account id/hotelViews
GET /v3/accounts/account id/hotelViews:summarize


Manage icons. (closed beta)

POST /v3/accounts/account id/icons
GET /v3/accounts/account id/icons/icon id

Participation Report Views

Returns a participation report view or, by using a query, returns a filtered subset of the view's data.

GET /v3/accounts/account id/participationReportViews
GET /v3/accounts/account id/participationReportViews:query

Price Accuracy Views

Returns a particular price accuracy view, available accuracy views, or a summary.

GET /v3/accounts/account id/priceAccuracyViews/report date
GET /v3/accounts/account id/priceAccuracyViews
GET /v3/accounts/account id/priceAccuracyViews:summarize

Price Coverage Views

Returns the latest price coverage view or the entire coverage history.

GET /v3/accounts/account id/priceCoverageViews:latest
GET /v3/accounts/account id/priceCoverageViews

Price Views

Returns the requested price view in full detail.

GET /v3/accounts/account id/priceViews/partner hotel id

Property Performance Report Views

Returns a property performance report view using a query.

GET /v3/accounts/account id/participationReportViews:query

Reconciliation Reports

Creates, validates, and retrieves commissions reconciliation reports (Hotel Ads only).

POST /v3/accounts/account id/reconciliationReports
POST /v3/accounts/account id/reconciliationReports:validate
GET /v3/accounts/account id/reconciliationReports/datetime~filename
GET /v3/accounts/account id/reconciliationReports

You can look up your account ID under the Account Info view of the Account tab in the Hotel Ads Center.


Many services in Travel Partner API v2.1 have been migrated to Google Ads API. As a result, Travel Partner API v3 retains only hotel specific services.


  • HotelViewService.ListHotelViews (formerly Hotels API)
    • API endpoint has changed from to
    • Removed the type request parameter.
    • Removed the field manifestOnly in the response.
    • Some fields have been renamed.
  • HotelViewService.SummarizeHotelViews (formerly hotel_list_stats in Scorecard API)
    • API endpoint has changed from to
    • Some fields have been renamed.

ParticipationReportViewService (formerly opportunity_stats in Scorecard API)

  • ParticipationReportService.QueryParticipationReport
    • API endpoint has changed from to
    • Query parameters have been added.
    • Fields have been renamed and restructured.

PriceAccuracyViewService (formerly price_accuracy report API)

  • PriceAccuracyViewService.ListPriceAccuracyViews
    • API endpoint has changed from to
    • The new API returns a list of hotel view resource names as opposed to the previous version, which returns a list of report dates.
  • PriceAccuracyViewService.ListPriceAccuracyViews
    • API endpoint has changed from to
    • CSV output is no longer supported.
    • Some fields have been renamed.


  • PriceAccuracyViewService.ListPriceCoverageViews (formerly price_coverage_stats_history in Scorecard API)
    • API endpoint has changed from to
    • Some fields have been renamed.
  • PriceAccuracyViewService.GetLatestPriceCoverageViews (formerly price_coverage_stats in Scorecard API)
    • API endpoint has changed from to
    • Some fields have been renamed.

PriceViewService (formerly Prices API)

  • PriceViewService.GetPriceView
    • API endpoint has changed from to
    • Some fields have been renamed.
    • Removed bids information from the response.

ReconciliationReportService methods (formerly Reconciliation Reports API)

  • ReconciliationReportService.ListReconciliationReports
    • API endpoint has changed from to
  • ReconciliationReportService.GetReconciliationReport
    • API endpoint has changed from to
  • ReconciliationReportService.CreateReconciliationReport
    • API endpoint has changed from to
  • ReconciliationReportService.ValidateReconciliationReport
    • API endpoint has changed from to


indicates that the version of the API will continue to function as expected, but may not be updated with new features or bug fixes. In addition, when a version is deprecated, a sunset date is determined.
indicates that the version of the API is removed and is no longer available. The minimum amount of time between deprecation and sunsetting is 3 months.

The following table shows the current schedule of API versions, as well as expected deprecation and sunset dates:

Version Deprecation Date Sunset Date
v3.0 N/A N/A
v2.1 September 2019 May 31, 2020
v2.0 (Bids API) February 2018 May 2018
v2.0 (all other APIs) September 2019 February 15, 2020
v1.2 February 2018 May 2018
v1.1 June 2016 October 2016
v1.0 April 2015 October 2015


To access the Travel Partner API, clients must authenticate using OAuth2 authentication.

For an example application and additional information about using OAuth to connect to the Travel Partner API, refer to API Authentication.