ColorTemperature Trait Schema

action.devices.traits.ColorTemperature - This trait belongs to any devices that is able to set color temperature.

This applies to "warmth" bulbs that take a color point in Kelvin. This is generally a separate modality from ColorSpectrum, and there may be white points available via Temperature that cannot be reached by Spectrum. Based on available traits, Google may pick the appropriate mode to use based on request and light type (for example, Make the living room lights white might send Temperature commands to some bulbs and Spectrum commands to LED strips).


Command Parameters/Definition
action.devices.commands.ColorAbsolute color Object. Required. Will include RGB or Temperature and optionally, a name.
  • name String. Color name (in English) as provided in the user's command. Not always available (for relative commands).
  • temperature Integer. Color temperature in Kelvin.

Sample EXECUTE Request

Adjust my light to soft white.
  "requestId": "ff36a3cc-ec34-11e6-b1a0-64510650abcf",
  "inputs": [{
    "intent": "action.devices.EXECUTE",
    "payload": {
      "commands": [{
        "devices": [{
          "id": "123",
          "customData": {
            "fooValue": 74,
            "barValue": true,
            "bazValue": "sheepdip"
        "execution": [{
          "command": "action.devices.commands.ColorAbsolute",
          "params": {
              "color": {
                "name": "soft white",
                "temperature": 2700