Google Assistant API

Google Assistant API


The Service name is needed to create RPC client stubs.


CreateDevice Register one device, return the device if succeed or error if the device already exists or failed.
CreateDeviceModel Create a 3p device model.
DeleteDevice Deletes a specific device user owns.
DeleteDeviceModel Delete a 3p device model.
GetDevice Get setting info of a specific device user owns, return the device if succeeded or error if failed.
GetDeviceModel Given a device model id, return a device model.
ListDeviceModels List device models for the project ID associated with this REST API call.
ListDevices Get list of devices user owns belonging to the given project_id in oauth token.
UpdateDeviceModel Updates a device model, returns the new version of the model.


Converse Initiates or continues a conversation with the embedded assistant service.


Assist Initiates or continues a conversation with the embedded Assistant Service.