Make your games even more interactive

The Continuous Match Mode feature for Google Assistant games lets you leave a device's microphone open for a set period of time while listening for a list of words you specify. This feature helps you build games that are more lively and exciting for players. You can use Continuous Match to build gaming experiences on both Google Assistant Smart Display devices and on Android phones.

Continuous Match Mode overview
Games such as Guess the Drawing take advantage of Continuous Match by allowing users to shout out potential answers, and signalling to the web-app if it hears a correct word. Similarly, the charades style party game Mime Jam, uses Continuous Match to listen for “Got it” to move on to the next word.

The Continuous Match feature will be available upon request to a limited number of qualified developers before it becomes generally available. For more details, see Access criteria.

Request access to start building your game with Continuous Match Mode.

Access criteria

As part of your application to use Continuous Match Mode, we ask you to provide information about your company and your experience in creating games. Access to this feature is limited. In order to be considered for access, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an experienced game developer that has launched at least one high quality game on one of the following platforms:
    • Messenger games, such as Facebook Messenger, Line, Snap, or WeChat
    • Mobile games, such as games distributed through the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store
    • Visual game on voice platforms, such as Actions on Google with Interactive Canvas or Alexa with APL or Web API
    • Submit a company website containing links to any launched games

Your application will be reviewed against the criteria listed above. Application submission does not guarantee your participation. We will contact you by email in the following weeks to inform you of our decision regarding your application.

Access benefits

Developers who are accepted into this opportunity have access to the following:

  • Documentation and resources for using Continuous Match
  • Full source code for Mime Jam, a game built with Continuous Match
  • Ability to provide feedback on Continuous Match
  • Eligibility to launch a game using Continuous Match

Request access and build your next great game experience with Continuous Match Mode on Google Assistant.