Managing Deployments

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This section provides an overview of the Apps Script API methods you can use to create, list, read, modify, and delete a script project's deployments.

API method overview
Create a deployment


Results: Create a new deployment for a script project. You specify the code version, the manifest file, and deployment description to use. Returns a Deployment object, containing the deployment configuration details.

List a project's deployments


Results: Returns an array of Deployment objects, each representing one of the deployments of the script project.

Read a deployment


Results: Returns a Deployment that represents a specific deployment in a specific script project.

Update a deployment


Results: Changes a deployment's description, code version, or the manifest where the deployment is defined.

Delete a deployment


Results: Removes a deployment.

Warning: Deleting a deployment causes any add-on, web app, or other application that makes use of that deployment to lose access to the Apps Script project, usually causing them to fail. Do not delete a deployment without first updating any apps that depend on it.