The AdWords API is no longer supported. Use the Google Ads API instead.

enum AdGroupServiceError.Reason (v201809)

The reasons for the adgroup service error.

Enumeration Description
DUPLICATE_ADGROUP_NAME AdGroup with the same name already exists for the campaign.
INVALID_ADGROUP_NAME AdGroup name is not valid.
USE_SET_OPERATOR_AND_MARK_STATUS_TO_REMOVED Cannot remove an adgroup, adgroup status can be marked removed using set operator.
ADVERTISER_NOT_ON_CONTENT_NETWORK Advertiser is not allowed to target sites or set site bids that are not on the Google Search Network.
BID_TOO_BIG Bid amount is too big.
BID_TYPE_AND_BIDDING_STRATEGY_MISMATCH AdGroup bid does not match the campaign's bidding strategy.
MISSING_ADGROUP_NAME AdGroup name is required for Add.
ADGROUP_LABEL_DOES_NOT_EXIST No link found between the ad group and the label.
ADGROUP_LABEL_ALREADY_EXISTS The label has already been attached to the ad group.
INVALID_CONTENT_BID_CRITERION_TYPE_GROUP The CriterionTypeGroup is not supported for the content bid dimension.
AD_GROUP_TYPE_NOT_VALID_FOR_ADVERTISING_CHANNEL_TYPE The ad group type is not compatible with the campaign channel type.
ADGROUP_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED_FOR_CAMPAIGN_SALES_COUNTRY The ad group type is not supported in the country of sale of the campaign.
CANNOT_ADD_ADGROUP_OF_TYPE_DSA_TO_CAMPAIGN_WITHOUT_DSA_SETTING Ad groups of AdGroupType.SEARCH_DYNAMIC_ADS can only be added to campaigns that have DynamicSearchAdsSetting attached.