Migrate to ad inspector

Mediation Test Suite is deprecated in favor of ad inspector and is to be sunsetted on September 30, 2023. Documentation will be removed then also.

You should update your app to use ad inspector to perform real-time ad testing. This guide outlines the steps to migrate to ad inspector and the feature comparisons between these tools.

How to migrate

Remove Mediation Test Suite

​​With the Mediation Test Suite being sunset, we strongly recommend removing its artifacts from your project.

Using CocoaPods

  • Remove the following line from your project's Podfile:

    pod 'GoogleMobileAdsMediationTestSuite'
  • From the command line run:

    pod install --repo-update

Manual integration

  • Remove GoogleMobileAdsMediationTestSuite.xcframework from your project.
  • Remove GoogleMobileAdsMediationTestSuite.bundle under Copy Bundle Resources in your target's Build Phases.

Update programmatic code for ad inspector

Replace the code that launches Mediation Test Suite with the equivalent for ad inspector:

Ad inspector


// Launch ad inspector programmatically.
GADMobileAds.sharedInstance().presentAdInspector(from: self) { error in
    // Error will be non-nil if there was an issue and the inspector was not displayed.


// Launch ad inspector programmatically.
[GADMobileAds.sharedInstance presentAdInspectorFromViewController:viewController
  completionHandler:^(NSError *error) {
    // Error will be non-nil if there was an issue and the inspector was not displayed.

Mediation Test Suite


import GoogleMobileAdsMediationTestSuite  // Remove this line.

GoogleMobileAdsMediationTestSuite.present(on:self, delegate:nil)  // Remove this line.


@import GoogleMobileAdsMediationTestSuite;  // Remove this line.

[GoogleMobileAdsMediationTestSuite presentOnViewController:self delegate:nil];  // Remove this line.

Start using ad inspector

That’s it! Your app is now integrated with ad inspector. Follow the steps in ad inspector documentation to perform real-time analysis of test ad requests in your app.

Why migrate to ad inspector

The table below compares the features between ad inspector and Mediation Test Suite.

Feature Ad inspector Mediation Test Suite
Supported Google Mobile Ads SDK versions 7.68.0 or higher 7.10.1 - 9.14.0
Third-party and custom event adapters troubleshooting
List all adapters associated with the ad sources in mediation configurations
Verify if adapters and 3p SDKs can be found
View adapter initialization statuses
View adapter initialization latencies
Show adapter versions
Show third-party SDK versions 1
Ad units troubleshooting
List all ad units with their IDs and formats
Search ad unit by ID
Ad testing
Load app open ads
Load banner ads
Load interstitial ads
Load rewarded video ads
Load rewarded interstitial ads
Load native ads
show test ads within the tool
Perform single bidding or waterfall mediation ad source testing
Support newly added waterfall or bidding mediation partner without requiring a new Google Mobile Ads SDK version
Restrict ad requests to only serve ads from Google ad source
Ad requests troubleshooting
View ad request log
Export full ad request
Visualize waterfall mediation chain
Visualize bidding auction
Inspect third-party bidding parameters
Batch test multiple ad sources
Launch programmatically using provided APIs
Launch using gestures
No additional code required

1 Will be supported in future versions.