CreateWaitlistEntry method

The client requests to create a waitlist entry. The partner backend makes a waitlist entry for the requested merchant, service, party size and user. The partner should return the waitlist entry ID upon success, or business logic error (e.g. if the party size is above the maximum allowed, or if the waitlist is full, etc.) upon failure. Unexpected error should be returned using standard HTTP status codes.



Return value


// Request for a user to join the waitlist.
// Reserve with Google may retry REST HTTP requests if no response is
// received. If the exact same CreateWaitlistEntry is received a second time,
// then the same CreateWaitlistResponse must be returned. A second waitlist
// entry must not be created.
message CreateWaitlistEntryRequest {
  // Required. Partner-provided ID for the merchant.
  string merchant_id = 1;

  // Required. Partner-provided ID for the service.
  string service_id = 2;

  // Required. The party size requested for the waitlist entry.
  int32 party_size = 3;

  // Required. Personal information of the user joining the waitlist.
  UserInformation user_information = 4;

  // A string from the user which contains any special requests or additional
  // information that they would like to notify the merchant about.
  // This will be populated when the user submits an additional request to
  // Reserve with Google. The partner can disable this functionality at the
  // service level by setting supports_additional_request to false in the
  // service feed.
  string additional_request = 5;

  // Required. Used to differentiate retries from separate requests. If the
  // exact same CreateWaitlistEntry is received a second time, (including
  // idempotency_token) then the same CreateWaitlistResponse must be returned.
  string idempotency_token = 6;

// Response for the CreateWaitlistEntry RPC with the waitlist entry ID or any
// failing business logic information.
message CreateWaitlistEntryResponse {
  // Unique partner-provided ID for the newly created entry in the waitlist.
  // Required if the waitlist entry was created successfully. Unique for all
  // time.
  string waitlist_entry_id = 1;
  WaitlistBusinessLogicFailure waitlist_business_logic_failure = 2;

CreateWaitlistEntry samples

Create request

  "idempotency_token": "14620365692592881354",
  "merchant_id": "dining-1",
  "party_size": 3,
  "service_id": "reservation",
  "user_information": {
    "family_name": "John",
    "given_name": "Smith",
    "telephone": "+81 80-1111-2222",
    "user_id": "123456789"

Create response

{ "waitlist_entry_id": "MYS-1668739060" }