Specify localized texts

It is highly recommended to support localization in the Actions Center Appointments Redirect integration. Users are shown a localized experience based on their language settings. If no localization is set, the default text may be shown to the user. You are able to provide localized text for many fields in the integration, such as service names and descriptions. Please refer to our feed specification for the full list of fields that can be localized by using the Text message.

Implementing localization

// A possibly-localized text payload. Some Text fields may contain marked-up
// content.
message Text {
  // Required. Text value in an unknown locale, which will be displayed if
  // `localized_value` for the user locale is empty or missing. The locale for
  // this value may depend on the partner or service provider, and it should not
  // be assumed to be any specific language.
  string value = 1;

  // Per-locale text values. Required.
  repeated LocalizedString localized_value = 2;

Any field in the feeds that uses a Text message can be localized by providing a localized_value for each supported language.

It is required to specify both the value and localized_value.

  • We will show the localized_value based on the user’s locale (which is set in the user’s language browser settings).
  • Value will be used as a default when the user’s locale is not in your list of supported localizations
    • Should you not define value and the users locale is not in your list of supported localizations we will use the first value present in localized_value. While this fallback is available it is strongly recommend for you to specify the default value explicitly.

If you do not support localization in your system, please set localized_value and set locale with the only language you support. Set value as well which may be used as a default.

Example Services Feed Snippet

  "localized_service_name": {
    "value": "Chocolate Tasting",
    "localized_value": [
        "locale": "en",
        "value": "Chocolate Tasting"
        "locale": "fr",
        "value": "Dégustation de chocolats"