Appointments Redirect Integration Policies

In order to ensure a consistent user experience when interacting with Place Action links, all Appointments Redirect platform providers must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Place Action links must lead to a dedicated landing page for the merchant with the given store's location and address above the fold (for businesses with multiple store locations).
  2. Place Action links must allow the user to complete the designated action. For example, an 'ordering' link must allow the user to complete an order without placing a phone call or going to another site or app.
  3. Partners must abide by the Actions Center Support & maintenance guidelines.

Landing Page requirements

  1. The landing page must be pre-selected for the first step of the booking flow and include bookable services above the fold. If available services are dependent on critical variables (e.g. a home repair that requires a zip code, or services dependent on the make of a vehicle or breed of pet) then requests for those variables may be shown as the first step.
  2. The landing page must not be the platform provider's homepage or any other pages.
  3. The first step of the deep linked landing page cannot be a login wall, where users cannot continue to complete their booking unless they sign in or create an account.
  4. The first step of the deep linked landing page cannot be a payment wall, where users cannot view the provided services and their related metadata unless they provide payment details.

Content Quality

  1. Service names should reflect what service is being offered and shouldn't contain service metadata like price and description
  2. Service level place action links must lead to a dedicated landing page for the services. The landing page must pre-selected for the dedicated services
  3. Platform providers must share services metadata (Price, Duration, description,category) if the information is available using the platform providers website. The information provided must reflect what is visible on the platform providers website
  4. Platform providers must upload all bookable services for a merchant which are supported on their platform.
  5. All entities and associated metadata must respect standard Content policies for Search features.
  6. Action links must only direct users to appointments with licensed, credentialed providers.


On merchant-facing dashboards, partners must denote the source of bookings made using Appointments Redirect as coming from Google or the Google Business Profile.