Sentinel-3 OLCI EFR: Ocean and Land Color Instrument Earth Observation Full Resolution

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The Ocean and Land Color Instrument (OLCI) Earth Observation Full Resolution (EFR) dataset contains top of atmosphere radiances at 21 spectral bands with center wavelengths ranging between 0.4µm and 1.02µm at spatial resolution of 300m with worldwide coverage every ~2 days.

OLCI is one of the instruments in the ESA/EUMETSAT Sentinel-3 mission for measuring sea-surface topography, sea- and land-surface temperature, ocean color and land color with high-end accuracy and reliability to support ocean forecasting systems, as well as environmental and climate monitoring.

The Sentinel-3 OLCI instrument is based on the optomechanical and imaging design of ENVISAT's MERIS. It is designed to retrieve the spectral distribution of upwelling radiance just above the sea surface (the water-leaving radiance).

OLCI observation is performed simultaneously in 21 spectral bands ranging from the visible to the near-infrared (400 to 1029nm).


300 meters


Name Units Scale Wavelength Description
Oa01_radiance W m^-2 sr^-1 µm^-1 0.0139465 400nm/15nm

Aerosol correction, improved water constituent retrieval

Oa02_radiance W m^-2 sr^-1 µm^-1 0.0133873 412.5nm/10nm

Yellow substance and detrital pigments (turbidity)

Oa03_radiance W m^-2 sr^-1 µm^-1 0.0121481 442.5nm/10nm

Chl absorption max., biogeochemistry, vegetation

Oa04_radiance W m^-2 sr^-1 µm^-1 0.0115198 490nm/10nm

High Chl, other pigments

Oa05_radiance W m^-2 sr^-1 µm^-1 0.0100953 510nm/10nm

Chl, sediment, turbidity, red tide

Oa06_radiance W m^-2 sr^-1 µm^-1 0.0123538 560nm/10nm

Chlorophyll reference (Chl minimum)

Oa07_radiance W m^-2 sr^-1 µm^-1 0.00879161 620nm/10nm

Sediment loading

Oa08_radiance W m^-2 sr^-1 µm^-1 0.00876539 665nm/10nm

Chl (2^nd Chl abs. max.), sediment, yellow substance/vegetation

Oa09_radiance W m^-2 sr^-1 µm^-1 0.0095103 673.75nm/7.5nm

For improved fluorescence retrieval and to better account for smile together with the bands 665 and 680nm

Oa10_radiance W m^-2 sr^-1 µm^-1 0.00773378 681.25nm/7.5nm

Chl fluorescence peak, red edge

Oa11_radiance W m^-2 sr^-1 µm^-1 0.00675523 708.75nm/10nm

Chl fluorescence baseline, red edge transition

Oa12_radiance W m^-2 sr^-1 µm^-1 0.0071996 753.75nm/7.5nm

O2 absorption/clouds, vegetation

Oa13_radiance W m^-2 sr^-1 µm^-1 0.00749684 761.25nm/7.5nm

O2 absorption band/aerosol correction

Oa14_radiance W m^-2 sr^-1 µm^-1 0.0086512 764.375nm/3.75nm

Atmospheric correction

Oa15_radiance W m^-2 sr^-1 µm^-1 0.00526779 767.5nm/2.5nm

O2A used for cloud top pressure, fluorescence over land

Oa16_radiance W m^-2 sr^-1 µm^-1 0.00530267 778.75nm/15nm

Atmospheric correction/aerosol correction

Oa17_radiance W m^-2 sr^-1 µm^-1 0.00493004 865nm/20nm

Atmospheric correction/aerosol correction, clouds, pixel co-registration

Oa18_radiance W m^-2 sr^-1 µm^-1 0.00549962 885nm/10nm

Water vapor absorption reference band. Common reference band with SLSTR instrument. Vegetation monitoring

Oa19_radiance W m^-2 sr^-1 µm^-1 0.00502847 900nm/10nm

Water vapor absorption/vegetation monitoring (max. reflectance)

Oa20_radiance W m^-2 sr^-1 µm^-1 0.00326378 940nm/20nm

Water vapor absorption, atmospheric/aerosol correction

Oa21_radiance W m^-2 sr^-1 µm^-1 0.00324118 1029nm/40nm

Atmospheric/aerosol correction


Quality flags

Image Properties

Image Properties

Name Type Description
SNAP_Graph_Processing_Framework_GPF_vers STRING

Sentinel Application Platform (SNAP) version

SNAP_Raster_Operators_vers STRING

SNAP version

processing_facility_country STRING

Name of the country where the facility is located. This element is configurable within the IPF.

processing_facility_name STRING

Name of the facility where the processing step was performed. This element is configurable within the IPF.

processing_facility_organisation STRING

Name of the organisation responsible for the facility. This element is configurable within the IPF.

processing_facility_site STRING

Geographical location of the facility. This element is configurable within the IPF.

processing_hardware STRING

Name of the hardware in the facility used for the processing.

processing_software_name STRING

Name of the software component.

processing_software_version DOUBLE

The version or release identifier of the software

processing_time DOUBLE

The time the product was processed in 'epoch' format

product STRING

This is always OL_1_EFR__


The full id of the original Sentinel-3 product

productQuality STRING

PASSED or empty

cycle_num DOUBLE

The cycle number is the number of times the satellite passed over the same geographical point on the ground. In the SENTINEL-3 operational phase (after launch and commissioning phases), the orbit cycle is 27 days.

orbitNumber DOUBLE

The absolute orbit number considers the orbits elapsed since the first ascending node crossing after launch.

relative_orbit_num DOUBLE

The relative orbit number is the orbit number within a cycle. Every time a cycle starts, the relative orbit number is reset to zero.

groundTrackDirection STRING

Direction of the trace made by the sub-satellite point on the surface of the Earth's reference ellipsoid due to the motion of the satellite along its orbit.

spacecraft STRING

Sentinel-3 spacecraft name: S3A, S3B

status STRING

Status of the file

timeliness STRING

Timeliness of processing being analysed

salineWaterPixelsPercent DOUBLE

Pixel quality information

coastalPixelsPercent DOUBLE

Pixel quality information

freshInlandWaterPixelsPercent DOUBLE

Pixel quality information

tidalRegionPixelsPercent DOUBLE

Pixel quality information

brightPixelsPercent DOUBLE

Pixel quality information

invalidPixelsPercent DOUBLE

Pixel quality information

cosmeticPixelsPercent DOUBLE

Pixel quality information

duplicatedPixelsPercent DOUBLE

Pixel quality information

dubiousSamplesPercent DOUBLE

Pixel quality information

saturatedPixelsPercent DOUBLE

Pixel quality information

Terms of Use

Terms of Use

The use of Sentinel data is governed by the Copernicus Sentinel Data Terms and Conditions.

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var dataset = ee.ImageCollection('COPERNICUS/S3/OLCI')
                  .filterDate('2018-04-01', '2018-04-04');

// Select bands for visualization and apply band-specific scale factors.
var rgb =['Oa08_radiance', 'Oa06_radiance', 'Oa04_radiance'])
              // Convert to radiance units.
              .multiply(ee.Image([0.00876539, 0.0123538, 0.0115198]));

var visParams = {
  min: 0,
  max: 6,
  gamma: 1.5,

Map.setCenter(46.043, 1.45, 5);
Map.addLayer(rgb, visParams, 'RGB');
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