ApiOperation Object encapsulating an API request to be executed using IndexingService
CheckpointHandler Wrapper object to read / write a checkpoint. 
Repository An object that provides the necessary methods to access a data repository. 


ApiOperations A factory for creating ApiOperation instances. 
AsyncApiOperation An ApiOperation that the Repository pushes asynchronously. 
BatchApiOperation Container for a sequence of ApiOperation objects. 
DeleteItem ApiOperation to delete an Item
DeleteQueueItems ApiOperation to delete zero or more Item from a given queue. 
FullTraversalConnector Template connector that performs a full repository traversal and uploads every document. 
InMemoryCheckpointHandler CheckpointHandler implementation to maintain in-memory checkpoint values. 
ListingConnector Template connector that performs complete repository list traversals. 
PushItems ApiOperation to push Item objects to the Cloud Search queue. 
PushItems.Builder Builder for creating an instance of PushItems operation  
QueueCheckpoint Handles checkpoints for the queue names used for detecting deletes during full traversals. 
QueueCheckpoint.QueueData Represents queue checkpoint information maintained by FullTraversalConnector  
RepositoryContext Context object to enable the Repository to make asynchronous calls to the Cloud Search SDK. 
RepositoryDoc Generic object for a single document in a repository. 
RepositoryDocError ApiOperation to push repository error while processing an item from a content repository. 
TraverseExceptionHandlerFactory Constructs an ExceptionHandler based up on configuration options.