BatchingIndexingService Indexing Service for batching multiple API requests. 
BatchItemRetriever Connector specific implementation for handling a batch of Item instances from PollItemsResponse
ContentUploadService Service for uploading media content using Google Cloud Search ByteStream API. 
IndexingConnector Interface for user-specific implementation details of the connector. 
IndexingConnectorContext Interface for a context object created by the SDK to pass to the IndexingConnector code. 
IndexingService Access point between the connector developer and the indexing service API backend. 
ItemRetriever Connector specific implementation for handling Item from PollItemsResponse


Acl Represents all aspects of access permissions for an uploaded document. 
Acl.Builder Mutable ACL for creating instances of Acl
Acl.GroupPrincipalParser Parser used to extract a group principal of either "google" or "external" type. 
Acl.UserPrincipalParser Parser used to extract a user principal of either "google" or "external" type. 
BatchingIndexingServiceImpl Concrete class implementing BatchingIndexingService
BatchingIndexingServiceImpl.Builder Builder for creating an instance of BatchingIndexingServiceImpl  
CloudSearchService Service wrapper for Cloud Search API client. 
ConnectorTraverser Handles scheduling and execution of indexing connector traversal related tasks. 
ContentTemplate Utility to create an HTML template used for formatting content from repository field data (database, CSV, CRM, etc.) for uploading to Cloud Search. 
ContentUploadServiceImpl Concrete class implementing ContentUploadService

Document content uploads normally occur "in-line" as part of the item's upload request. 

ContentUploadServiceImpl.Builder Builder to create an instance of ContentUploadServiceImpl
DefaultAcl Common default ACL object that can be used for an entire data repository. 
DefaultAcl.Builder Builder object for constructing a DefaultAcl object. 
IndexingApplication Main object and access point for the SDK. 
IndexingApplication.Builder Buider for IndexingApplication instances. 
IndexingItemBuilder Helper object to build an Item
IndexingItemBuilder.FieldOrValue<T> Construct to specify an actual field value or pointer to a key within the key/values map. 
IndexingServiceImpl Wrapper object for CloudSearch.Indexing
MockItem Generates an Item using IndexingItemBuilder with specified values for metadata. 
MockItem.Builder Builder class to set meta data attributes of an Item. 
StructuredData Helper utility to generate a StructuredDataObject
StructuredData.ResetStructuredDataRule TestRule to reset the static StructuredData object for unit tests. 
StructuredDataHelper Helper class for Mock Connector Structured Data  
TestUtils Utility methods for integration tests for the indexing SDK. 
UrlBuilder Constructs an URL from a MessageFormat-style format string and a set of columns to include in the URL. 
UrlBuilder.Builder Builder for constructing instances of UrlBuilder


Acl.InheritanceType The enum that presents the type of inheritance. 
Acl.PrincipalType Represents type of a Principal  
ContentTemplate.UnmappedColumnsMode Defines how to treat extra field data provided to the apply(Map) call. 
DefaultAcl.DefaultAclMode Mode setting used to set a default ACL on an Item
IndexingService.RequestMode Request mode for Item index and delete requests. 
IndexingServiceImpl.Operations API Operations  
IndexingServiceImpl.PollItemStatus Valid values for poll Item status.