public interface ItemRetriever
Known Indirect Subclasses

Connector specific implementation for handling Item from PollItemsResponse.

This interface is used by connectors implementing a listing traversal strategy, including the template connector ListingConnector.

During init(T), the listing connector typically registers one or more ItemRetriever instances using registerTraverser(TraverserConfiguration). After init(T) is executed, the SDK initializes worker threads to handle polled items.

Public Method Summary

abstract void
process(Item item)
Retrieves content and metadata for the polled Item.

Public Methods

public abstract void process (Item item)

Retrieves content and metadata for the polled Item.

This method should provide the document's content, structured data, and metadata. The item's getHash(), getHash(), and/or getHash() may be provided to allow the Cloud Search queue to automatically track document changes during the next traversal.

If the connector implements a graph traversal strategy to navigate a hierarchical repository, this method should also push PushItem objects for any child documents when the item is a repository container.

This method should be highly parallelizable and support ten or more concurrent calls.

item Item object representing the document being sought
IOException on errors retrieving the document's data, typically a RepositoryException
InterruptedException on IO operation errors