public interface IdentityConnector implements Connector<IdentityConnectorContext>
Known Indirect Subclasses

Interface for user-specific implementation details of the connector.

Implementations must be thread-safe. Implementations are discouraged from keeping any state locally except perhaps soft-state such as a connection cache.

Public Method Summary

abstract void
init(IdentityConnectorContext context)
Initializes the connector with the current context.

Inherited Method Summary

Public Methods

public abstract void init (IdentityConnectorContext context)

Initializes the connector with the current context.

Initialization is the ideal time to start any threads to do extra behind-the-scenes work. The context allows access to other useful objects that can be used at any time such as the IdentityService.

If an unrecoverable fatal error occurs during initialization, throw a StartupException to cancel the startup process. If a recoverable error occurs during initialization, most Exception instances other than StartupException cause a retry of initialization after a short delay.

context IdentityConnectorContext instance for accessing framework objects
Exception if errors occur during connector initialization