Funding choices IMA integration

Funding Choices is an easy-to-use messaging tool that can help you comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and recover lost revenue from ad blocking users.

This guide demonstrates how to use Funding Choices with the IMA HTML5 SDK.


You must have a Funding Choices account linked to your Ad Manager account.

To create a Funding Choices account, go to Privacy & messaging in the Ad Manager UI and select the location-based regulations for your site to adhere to. The Funding Choices account is then created automatically in the background.

Add the Funding Choices message to your site

The IMA HTML5 SDK interacts with the Funding Choices API automatically once your site's consent message has been created, no additional code is needed. To create your Funding Choices message, go to the Privacy & messaging section of your Ad Manager account and select Manage for European regulations. From that page select Create message for Sites then create your site-specific consent message. This is automatically included on your site, given you have integrated the IMA HTML5 SDK.

For information and methods available in the Funding Choices API, see the Funding Choices JavaScript API documentation.