Fulfillment API reporting

Fulfillment API reporting page is a report showing request volumes, errors, and error rates occurring on your fulfillment API Traffic. The report can be found in the Actions Center by clicking on the "Fulfillment API" link in the navigation bar. It is useful for a variety of tasks including:

  • Debugging and troubleshooting during fulfillment API development
  • Ensuring you meet the launch criteria
  • Monitoring your traffic health once you are launched

The report contains 3 different types of charts.

Aggregated data

Scorecards showing request volumes and success rate for both the Checkout and Submit order API endpoints.

Time series data

Graphs showing request volume and errors broken down by error code over time for both the Checkout and SubmitOrder API endpoints.

Total counts by Error Code

Table showing error codes, how many API responses had that error code and the percentage of total error responses with that error code for both the Checkout and SubmitOrder endpoints. The error codes are links to the GCP Logs Explorer report filtered on that error code.

The time window for all charts can be adjusted using the Timestamp filter at the top of the page (default is last 1 day). The time window used in Logs Explorer won't match the time window of the API report so be sure to adjust the filter in Logs Explorer after opening the page.