Remarketing opt-in

Users can opt-in to receive marketing emails outside of their ordering experience. When remarketing opt-in is enabled, the user sees a widget during checkout that asks if they want to receive marketing emails from you. The opt-in value is included in the submit order action.

The FoodOrderExtension.optinForRemarketing attribute holds the opt-in response of the user. This is sent in the SubmitOrderRequestMessage.

  • If optinForRemarketing is true, you can subscribe the user to your marketing emails.
  • If optinForRemarketing is false or not present, you must keep the subscription status in your system as-is. Note that users can't opt out through your Ordering End-to-End integration. They can only opt out through unsubscription functions provided in your marketing channels.

The following example shows a FoodOrderExtension object in a SubmitOrderRequestMessage:


"extension": {
  "@type": "",
  "availableFulfillmentOptions": [
      "fulfillmentInfo": {
        "pickup": {
          "pickupTimeIso8601": "P0M"
      "expiresAt": "2017-07-17T12:30:00Z"
  "optinForRemarketing": true