Permissible Usage

This Permissible Usage Policy applies to partner organizations registering devices for the enterprise customers using zero-touch enrollment, and its enterprise customers whose devices are registered using zero-touch enrollment.

Non-Permissible Usage

The following scenarios are not allowed in relation to devices registered via zero-touch enrollment:

  • Device financing solutions (e.g solutions intended to control device usage used in conjunction with hardware lease arrangements);
  • Solutions developed exclusively for the purpose of device monitoring or eavesdropping independent of enterprise device management;
  • Push, preload or auto install applications and/or services on Android Devices without the express and informed prior consent of relevant customers and their end users; and
  • Solutions developed and used exclusively for first party in-house applications unless such solutions are explicitly approved by Google.

Failure to comply with the permissible usage policy for zero-touch enrollment may result in Google revoking access to the service or limiting features for partners and/or its enterprise customers. Any usage of zero-touch enrollment outside of the stated guidelines above requires explicit approval in writing from Google.

To inquire about potential usage of the zero-touch enrollment outside of the stated guidelines above, you can complete and submit this form.