Redeem a Loyalty card

Passes can be redeemed in either of two ways:

You can optionally require extra security when users redeem or access their pass. For details, see Protect with Screen Lock.

NFC tap

Your users can seamlessly redeem their cards using an NFC tap. Learn more about Smart Tap, and sign up for Smart Tap.

Barcode scan

Help your customers scan their Pass by attaching a barcode. This can be done by setting object.barcode. The API provides a variety of barcode types. For more details, see the Barcode type.

Security animation

Barcode security animation is a way for passes to have another layer of security to prevent screenshot abuse and to support human-verification, if needed, by checking the pass on the user’s device.

The physical manifestation of a security animation is a shimmering outline around the barcode of the pass. This shimmering animation triggers only when the device is in motion so one can test the pass’ validity by tilting the device. On the other hand holding the device still will only animate the colorful security animation in loop.

To enable security animation for a pass, in the pass class, set the SecurityAnimation field’s AnimationType to FOIL_SHIMMER.

See Figure 1. below for an example of how the security animation appears when it is enabled:

Security animation shimmer

Figure 1.

Protect with Screen Lock

To protect your customer's access to their Pass, you can require a screen lock each time they add or access their pass. This can be done by setting class.viewUnlockRequirement. For more details, see the ViewUnlockRequirement type.