Follow any usage guidelines that trademark owners provide.

Label trademarked terms

For trademark marking or attribution in documentation, follow any usage guidelines provided by the owners of the respective marks.

For more about Google trademarks in particular, see About our trademarks and how to use them.

Use trademarks only as modifiers

When you use a trademarked term, always use it to modify a noun, not as a noun by itself. Don't use a trademark as a verb.

Never form a possessive or a plural from a trademark or change it in any way. For more information, see Possessives.

Recommended: Another option is to use a Chromebook notebook computer.

Not recommended: Another option is to use a Chromebook.

Not recommended: Chromebook's features rely on an internet connection.

Not recommended: For information about Chromebook computers, google "notebook computers"

For more information about using Google trademarks, see Rules for proper usage.