Get started

To start using the Google Meet Live Sharing SDK, you first must create a Google Workspace Add-on for Meet. Once you've completed those steps, you can start using the Meet Live Sharing SDK from within your new add-on.

The Meet Live Sharing SDK is bundled with the Google Meet Add-ons SDK, so you must include the Meet Add-ons SDK in your page.

Get an AddonSession

To use the Meet Live Sharing SDK, start by getting a AddonSession, which serves as the entry point for co-activities:


const session = await{
    cloudProjectNumber: "CLOUD_PROJECT_NUMBER",

Get your Co-Doing and Co-Watching clients

You can now get a Co-Doing client or a Co-Watching client by calling the AddonSession.createCoDoingClient method or the AddonSession.createCoWatchingClient method on the AddonSession. These two child APIs are independent, and have their own guides: