Live sharing FAQ

Will live sharing apps see all updates that have been broadcast?
No, apps are only guaranteed to receive the most recent update.
How should I handle users fighting over the controls or trolling each other?
There are no direct mechanisms within the SDK. Hopefully, social pressure will prevail.
What happens when one user is paused due to buffering?
The user will fall behind the others. We’ll attempt to gracefully catch them up when buffering completes. In extreme cases, you might consider issuing a pause command to all others to allow them to catch up.
How should I handle users with different subscription levels (for example, one person sees ads and another doesn't)?
Google is leaving this up to the content providers to decide.
How should I handle content that's only available to some users but not others due to regional, subscription, or other differences?
By calling AddonSession.Builder.withParticipantMetadata, content providers can share user metadata across the live sharing experience. Using this, you can coordinate which media to expose during the live sharing session.