Meet Add-ons SDK overview

Google Meet Add-ons SDK

The Google Meet Add-ons SDK lets you embed your app into Google Meet as an add-on where users can discover, share, and collaborate in the app without leaving Meet.

Developers can register their app in the Google Workspace Marketplace , through which users and administrators can search for, discover, and install add-ons. Users can also discover and install apps directly from the Meet UI.

For more information about add-ons and the Marketplace, see Concepts.

The following is a list of common terms used in this SDK:

Customized apps that integrate with Google Workspace apps.
Available add-ons
Add-on that's available in the Marketplace but not installed by users.
Google Workspace Marketplace
The Marketplace offers users and administrators a way to find and install third-party enterprise apps that are integrated with Google Workspace. It's the central place for managing published Google Workspace Add-ons.
Installable add-ons
An add-on that users can install through the side panel or through the Marketplace.
Installed add-ons
Add-ons that are installed and ready for use. These are listed in a user's add-ons side panel. User's cannot uninstall admin-installed apps.
Main stage
The central focus area where the meeting is held. An add-on can open on the main stage to display content that needs more space than what's available in the side panel.
A URL with a scheme (protocol), host (domain), and port. Two URLs have the same origin when they share the same scheme, host, and port. For example, and don't share the same origin (because they use different schemes). For more information, see Add-on security.
Region Capture screen sharing
Allows Meet to crop the video track and remove some content from it before sharing it remotely.
Screen sharing
The act of showing a screen, window, or browser tab to others in a call or the contents of screen sharing.
Side panel
The panel displaying the installed add-ons for selection.
The Meet Add-ons SDK main stage and side panel.
Figure 1. The Meet Add-ons SDK main stage and side panel.