Manage live meetings

After launch and sign-in, we recommend the live sharing application calls AddonClient.registerMeetingStatusListener() to listen for the existence of an ongoing meeting.

The MeetingStatus value passed to the MeetingStatusListener.onMeetingStatusChange() informs the live sharing app about how to engage live sharing.

The following code sample shows the potential MeetingStatus of a meeting:


public abstract class MeetingStatus {

   * Describes the status of the user in Meet.
   * <p>Note: This status is only relevant to the Meet application and meetings. It doesn't mention anything about
   * whether the Live Sharing SDK is connected to the Meet app or is participating in a
   * live sharing session. Hence, it's possible for a status of {@code ADDON_SESSION} but the local
   * user isn't participating.
  public enum Status {


Each of these cases should be dealt with separately:

  • ADDON_SESSION: The user is participating in a meeting that's also hosting a live sharing session. Connecting to the live sharing session immediately is needed. For more information, see Use the Co-Watching API or Use the Co-Doing API.
  • MEETING: The user is participating in a meeting, but the meeting is not hosting a live sharing session. Beginning the live sharing session is needed as the user is likely to begin live sharing.
  • NO_MEETING: The user is not participating in a meeting, so initiating a live sharing session is not needed until the user explicitly indicates they want to start a new session.